Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Best of 2013

On Sunday, I flipped my calendar to December and immediately felt behind! It gets so busy at home and school-- projects, training, shopping, parties-- and before we know it, semester exams are here! In an effort to get ahead, I thought I’d start the countdown to the new year now and begin making my “Best of 2013” Technology List.

Best of 2013
Best Curation Tool: Pinterest

Favorite iPad Resource: iPad As A… 

Favorite Web Resources: Edutopia, Common Craft, iTunes U

Fun & Interactive: Thinglink, Aurasma                    

Favorite Apps: Notability, Pic Collage, Knowmia.

Something I’d like to learn more about: Creating a paper slide or RSA style video.

What are your favorite resources? What are some additional categories you would add? What resources would make your “Best of 2013” list? 


  1. Favorite App: Explain Everything, screencasting app for $2.99, and Book Creator, create books with text, videos, pictures, combine existing books, etc for $4.99.

  2. Favorite Web Resources: Edudemic, Twitter (Use it to connect with other educators.), Learning in Hand (Tony Vincent)

  3. Favorite Apps: Photo and Video Transfer for transferring photos and videos between devices including a computer and WireShare ($3.99) for easy access to Box, Dropbox, Skydrive, and Google Drive or for transferring files quickly from one cloud storage account to another or to individuals via WiFi and email.

  4. Most Used App: Evernote, Favorite App for Professional Development: Podcasts, Great Productivity Apps: CamScanner, DropBox, CardMunch. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!