Monday, March 20, 2017

#TCEA17 Favorite Finds

This is a guest post by Teri Weber, science teacher at Carroll Middle.

This is my second go-round at TCEA, and it was as amazing as the first time!  Some of the session ideas that I am excited about are:

Augmented Reality

  • Jeff Peterson shared many apps for various levels (his presentation is available on his website). The apps he mentioned included subjects such as the heart, books where the characters "come to life," art, animal cells, the brain, and Popar World Map. Get the links for these apps (and more) by visiting Jeff's Symbaloo
  • Additional sources can be found here
  • For young learners, AR Flash Cards have free printable alphabet flash cards. When you use the app, an object comes "alive." When you touch the screen, it speaks the word and -- if the object is an animal, it makes its sound (ex: "D" is for dog...then the dog barks).


This is one that has been around a while, but their "gold edition" version has many virtual reality field trips. They also have 3D pictures that can be added to presentations. Nearpod has added lessons for ELL and can now be integrated into Canvas.

Technology and Differentiation 
This session, which can be found by clicking here, gave ideas on how to differentiate student projects, give end choices, etc. with technology.

That Quiz
  • Great for math
  • Can be customized – can select problems, level, use a timer, and provide feedback. 
  • Has science elements such as cells and anatomy

Hope you can check out some of these resources!

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