Monday, March 6, 2017

#TCEA17 Favorite Finds

This is a guest post by Ann Astrin, 2nd grade teacher at Old Union Elementary.

My School Avatar
I am excited to begin using this app so my students can have a new way to express themselves and share their learning!  With this app, students can design and personalize their own avatar to create their own animated, talking, video presentation.  I plan on using My School Avatar with my students so they can retell stories, explain new concepts in math, science, and social studies, as well as to share their writing orally.

My class will be using this app to share their latest economics project by taking a picture of it, uploading the picture for the background of video, creating an avatar, and using it to explain the process to others.  We will upload the video to Seesaw at the end to save and share -- app smashing!

Shadow Puppet Edu
I LOVE this app!  With this app, students can easily create videos in the classroom! They can make videos to explain ideas, tell and retell stories, record learning, and more!

My students have recently used this app during our character study unit to profile the inside traits of a main character in our read-aloud series. After creating the video, they uploaded it to Seesaw to save and share -- again, app smashing! This app allows students to take and upload pictures, record their voice, explore and type text, and even sequence the pictures they have chosen.  It also has a tutorial for you to view before attempting to use.

Click here to view work one of my students created using Shadow Puppet Edu.

Fab and Free
Wish you had access to tons of great educational sites and apps without having to pay a single penny? Well, this site has them! I know you will find lots that you will be able to use in your classroom - for FREE!

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