Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun with Photos

There are many websites that will allow you to have fun with your school or family photographs.  Jigzone allows you to upload a picture and create a jigsaw puzzle with 6 pieces or up to a difficult 247 pieces.  Dumpr  allows you to select effects such as “photo to sketch”, “your photo in a museum”, “peeling paint”, and many more.  Shape Collage makes picture collages.  SmileBox has a free Premium account for teachers.  Teachers can use this website to create slideshows, invitations, collages, scrapbooks, and photo albums.  Big Huge Labs allows you to create magazine covers, trading cards, and mosaics with your photos. 

Tip:  Don’t forget!!  You can turn your PowerPoint Slides into pictures (jpg). Select FileSave As and select the jpg option as your file type (drop down menu). All the slides you choose to convert become images to be used in other applications or websites like Jigzone.

Tip:  You know that annoying box (drawing canvas) that comes up when you try to insert items like autoshapes (the arrows, etc).  Well, just turn that thing off.  To prevent Word from automatically creating a drawing canvas when you insert AutoShapes, follow these steps:
1.    On the Tools menu, click Options then the General tab.
2.    Uncheck the Automatically create drawing canvas.
                          ........never to be seen again!!

Website:  For those of you who want to edit your pictures and don’t have the expensive Photoshop program there are many websites out there that can help. Here is a website with links to many free photo-editing websites.  Some of these sites will not open inside of our network so you will have to edit at home.

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