Monday, August 29, 2011

Ten Outlook 2010 Tips

Take a look at ten tips you can implement today with Outlook 2010. All CISD employees have access to Office 2010 on their teacher workstation and/or Promethean laptop. Be sure to activate Outlook by going to Start and open Outlook, then click a series of three "next" keys and then "finish" to activate Outlook on your computer.
Website of the Week:
Click here to see the archived post from the CISD Instructional Technology blog about Microsoft Office 2010. This post includes:
  • Free tutorials
  • Custom Guide Reference Sheets for all of Office 2010
  • Printed Guides
  • Cheat Sheets
Tip of the Week:
In Office 2010, if you highlight a typed word(s) a popup editing box will appear and you can edit (bold, italic, color, font, font size, etc.) the word from there instead of going to the editing tools in the ribbon. 

FYI: the popup edit box does NOT appear in the Office 2010 Mac version!

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