Monday, October 3, 2011

Flash Drive! Where in the world are you?

My Flash Drive is plugged in but ‘Where is it’?

Have you ever plugged in a USB device like a flash drive or external hard drive and could not see it in My computer?  Many times this is because Windows has renamed your device using a letter on our network like J or I.  Unfortunately, sometimes our hardware gets in the way when it is supposed to save us time. 

The solution to this issue is to find the drive and then rename it using a letter that is not a mapped drive on the network.   Here is how you do it.

1.     Right click on My computer and go to Manage.     
2.     Click on Disk Management.  Right click on your external drive/flash drive name and go to Change Drive Letter and Path.  Be careful not to right click on any drive other than your USB external drive/flash drive. 
           Do not rename the C: Drive.  Never…Never…Never…did I say Never?           
3.     Click on Change.  Make sure you have chosen Assign the following drive letter.  Choose a letter that is not used on our network such as M, N, or P.  Click OK and Yes.
Tip of the Week
Did you know you could import any PDF document into ActivInspire?  Don’t copy and paste that word document!!  Save it as a PDF.  Open Inspire; go to File->Import->PDF.  Then navigate to your document.  Now you can use all of your tools…..zoom in, highlight, write, etc.  If your document is more than one page it puts each page on a different page in your flipchart.

              Website of the Week
This is a link to many livebinders that may be of use to you including Google Earth, Promethean board resources, and resources that fall under the Creative Commons umbrella. 

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