Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What can we do to encourage innovation in the classroom?

According to Webster, the definition of Innovation is:
1. the introduction of something new
2. a new idea, method, or device

Teachers are naturally innovative. We try new things. We read. We share. We brainstorm. And we look for ways to improve our content and methods.

I found an infographic on twitter (a new tool for me this year!) that posed the question, What can we do to spur innovation in the classroom?  I like how the author categorized the key concepts. Thanks! @ajjuliani

Here are a few take-aways and how it might look in an innovative classroom. 
  • Allow for collaboration. When I’m considering an upcoming presentation, I like to brainstorm with a colleague. What would collaboration look like in the classroom? For some students, all you need to provide is time and a dry erase marker. For other students they may prefer talking through their ideas and recording notes on their smart phone.
  • Make time for reflection. Ask students to think about their learning. Create a short Google form and use it as their exit ticket. Sample questions might include: 
    • We did a concept map in class today.  Was this useful to you?
    • What was most difficult about today’s lesson?
    • What stuck with you today?
  • Praise the thinking process, not just the end product. Ask the students to explain how they arrived at their answers. Using apps like Explain Everything or Educreations students can make their thinking visible and we can provide feedback. 

To view the complete article and infographic, click here. Let us hear from you… How do you encourage innovation in your classroom? 

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