Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Dogonews.com is a great news site for students in elementary through middle school. Students can read interesting articles on a variety of topics including current events, sports, science, and much more.

What to know about DOGOnews:
  • It's FREE! 
  • Articles are high interest and in kid friendly language. The articles typically include photographs, diagrams, and video clips.
  • Readers can click unfamiliar words to read the definitions. The words are also used in an interactive word search activity. 
  • Geographic locations are clickable. Readers can click to view the location in Google maps. 
  • Each article includes comprehension questions and a critical thinking challenge. 
  • Teachers can sign up for a free account to create lesson plans and reading lists. Students can also create accounts to earn badges and participate in article discussions. 

*Also check out DogoBooks and DogoMovies for book and movie reviews by kids for kids.

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  1. That is a great site, thanks for the find Clair! I will definitely have to use this with my kids.