Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Three Things I Learned from the College Football National Championship Game

What a crazy game! Who would've predicted Ohio State, with a 3rd string quarterback, to win the College Football National Championship. I DID!! I'm a big sports fan, but I haven't really followed the college football season and rankings. I would watch football when a game was on television, but I could not have told you who was ranked what or who should win. I think if Urban Meyer is the coach, then that team will evidently prevail as winners. As a rule, I do not bet against him. He knows how to win. After watching the championship game I started thinking on why they won, and I came up with three reasons. I believe as teachers we can learn from these three things.

There is no doubt that Ohio State was prepared for their opponent. When you are facing the Heisman trophy winner or when your first two quarterbacks are out injured, you better be prepared and have a great game plan. Same applies to teachers and technology. When using technology in the classroom, it is best to be prepared...prepared for when everything falls into place and prepared for when the bottom drops out. Technology can be scary. My hope is that, as scary as technology may be, that you would step out of your comfort zone and try. There is a great group of instructional technology specialists in this district who have been in the classroom and understand all that encompasses. Explore their expertise to help you start this new year integrating technology into your content. We offer co-planning, co-teaching, modeling a lesson, and even resource prep for teacher activities. We can help you be prepared.
Ohio State team led by their coach, Urban Meyer
Ohio State started this game with a guy who had only started in two games. How does a rookie quarterback win a national championship, you playing to their strengths, Ezekiel Elliot, sophomore running back. Every time I looked at the television I saw him running through a crowd of linemen. Ohio State used their strength with the run game to dominate Oregon. Same applies to teachers. We all have strengths. We all have things we do well. We are all part of a team. One of the best things we can do as a teacher is learn from others along with sharing our strengths with others. Of course I'm going to talk about technology. I've come across many teachers who are integrating technology in their content and doing it successfully. Many have even said to me, "I'm not sure I can go back to the old way of teaching." Find those teachers on your campus. Plug into what they are doing and learn from them. Make time to collaborate with them and with others who may not be in your content area. It's the same in my group. Not all instructional technology specialists have the same strengths. That is what makes us a good team; we learn from each other.
Ezekiel Elliot #15
Turnovers after turnovers after turnovers. Did the world really think Ohio State would have a chance after the turnovers they kept making? I'm sure there were doubts. A big shoutout to Ohio State for staying focused and going strong after the many mistakes they made. (You know the next line...) SAME APPLIES TO TEACHING (and technology). Don't abandon technology just because the first integration did not go the way you expected. Try again AND then try again. When those mistakes happen, brainstorm with a teammate or instructional technology coach (I coached for 10 years so it is hard for me to let that go) to help you evaluate the process, and see what improvement can be made. I can not count how many times I have failed in the classroom when trying to be innovative. It happens. Don't let that stop you from trying again.
Mistakes will be made
This year vow to be MESSY. We can make 2015 messy by...

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  1. I agree. I like #2, Play to Your Strengths... just like the Carroll ISD ITS do!