Monday, February 16, 2015

Favorite Finds from TCEA

Guest Post by Mary Pruitt, K-6 Mathematics and Science Curriculum Coordinator

Hi Tech Lovers! I’m Mary Pruitt and I’m a Curriculum Coordinator.  I went to TCEA this year for the first time in several years and it was good to be back! Such a quality conference! And in case you think TCEA is only for nerds…let me assure you…you are SO WRONG!

Anyway…back to business!  I’d love to share a few of my favorite finds with you…these tools would be great as you communicate with your students and parents, as well as, help you collaborate with other educators.

  • With Screencast-o-Matic, you can easily capture (with or without your voice) a recording of what’s happening on your screen.  
  • You might use this if you need to show students how to log-in to a website, update a blog post or edit a paper.  

  • Present.Me allows you to upload your PowerPoint and record yourself talking at the same time.  Click here to see a video from the company.
  • You will want to use this link ( ) to access the educators’ site because it’s free.  
  • Use this link to flip your classroom or provide notes from information given in class.  

  • Create an online flier or poster here. Templates are already created and the posters can easily be shared electronically over email.  

Free Bonus Information. Links to these sites as well as many of the online links that you need or might commonly use (including this blog) are located here on our District Teacher Resource Symbaloo.  This can also be accessed from the For Staff page on the District Website if you’d like.   

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