Wednesday, August 5, 2015

10 BOY Tips for Teachers using Google Forms

Google Forms are incredible tools! Free and powerful, Google forms are ideal for teachers to gather information at the beginning of the school year.
  • Data and results are easily shared and accessed online.
  • Responses are summarized and organized in a spreadsheet.
  • Google Forms is in Google Drive right beneath the word processor, spreadsheet and presentation Apps.  

Practical ways to use Google Forms in the Classroom at the BOY

1. Getting to know your students:
2. Getting to know your parents: Since you don't need a log in to complete a Google form, it is a great way to gather insight and opinions from parents, encouraging better communication between home and school. Link your Google form to a QR code to handout to parents for easy access.
  • Parent and Volunteer Survey - Collect information, email addresses, twitter handles, goals for the year and information on what volunteer opportunities parents are interested in this year. 
  • Parent Contact Forms on Pinterest
3. Getting to know your peers
  • Whole school or department survey- Collect fresh ideas and feedback on professional development, committee planning, lessons and campus events. 
4. Placing orders: Lunch, t-shirts, books etc.

5. Reading survey: find out about the reading habits of your class.

6. Student Project Management

7. Tutorial Signups and booking/ making reservations.

8. Differentiate with Google Forms: Group students in as many ways as you like; by reading level, interest, by learning style, by skill, or by readiness and SHARE to that group in Google Apps.
  • Offer assignment choices
  • Flexible learning paths
  • Group students
9. Informal Assessment
  • Exit tickets and instant feedback quizzes
  • End of Topic Tests - Allow students to create their own questionnaires about a unit of work. 
  • Self grading tests with Flubaroo
  • Create rubrics and graph results of a survey
10. Setting Class Culture: Gather students 5 top words about what they value most as learners and create a Wordle.
Check out these additional resources for using Google Forms in the classroom.


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