Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Now that the Instructional Technology and Dragons Go Digital teams are back from TCEA, it's time to share our favorite finds! If you attended the conference and want to contribute a guest post, please contact your campus ITS; we'd love for you to share what you learned!

Here are my favorite finds from #TCEA16:

1. GIFs for instructions -- A GIF is an animated image that plays in an infinite loop. You can create your own GIFs by uploading screenshots or other images to a GIF maker (Google it to find free options). Afterwards, download your GIF and display it on the Promethean, your website, or your LMS for students to refer to when they're stuck. You could create a GIF about how to log in to a particular website, the steps of an app-smashing lesson, directions to a project, or any other instructions.  

2. Free images -- so often, we grab images from Google without even thinking. To make sure you have permission to use all the images you see, either restrict your search by usage rights, or find images on a site that only shares photos that are free for public use. Below is a printable image with QR codes linking to 5 free image collations, courtesy of  @KTyler_ITS on Twitter:

3. Curate tweets from a conversation -- Storify is a neat tool that lets users create a "story" from social media elements. Tina Berumen suggested using Storify in a classroom newsletter to give parents a snapshot about what the entire campus is doing. You can see the idea I added to that thought below:

4. Tech talk -- integrate technology vocabulary without ever even touching a device! Check out Alli Pryor's idea below: 

To read the entire conference's tweets, search for #TCEA16 on Twitter. Or click here to read just what fellow Dragons had to say on the #TCEAdragons timeline.

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