Wednesday, March 2, 2016

#TCEA16 Favorite Finds

Guest Post by Jen Gwilliam (McCue), Eubanks Intermediate School 5th Grade Science Teacher

Now that we are all back from TCEA and settled back in, I wanted to share a few finds and share the loads of information I learned with all of you! Here is the Gwilliam TOP 4 FREE of TCEA: 

This is an amazing way to teach or present information and puts the device in students' hands! It makes learning fun and helps students stay engaged the entire time! Nearpod is a great tool -- check it out! 

Do you want your PowerPoints to look like you are a graphic artist? The students love working with this one! It has great graphics, modern fonts, and images...and it's so easy to use! 

I learned so many cool, fun tricks that make it clear why Google is such a must-have in the classroom. Try the "research" button and see what happens! Share, copy, use voice-to-text writing, and use Photomath to check math problems!

Have you always taken an interest in those cute videos that show folks drawing with neat fonts? VideoScribe is for you then! You can make a quick video that keeps people's interest as you explain something, and it does the drawings -- wow! 

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