Tuesday, March 8, 2016

#TCEA16 Favorite Finds

Guest Post by Rachel Cady, Walnut Grove Elementary School 2nd Grade Teacher

WOW!! TCEA is an amazing experience where a lot of information is given in a short amount of time. You walk away inspired and a little nervous, but truly excited about the possibilities of technology in the classroom.

Two of my favorite take-away ideas from TCEA were:


I have always been a fan of Kahoot, but what makes Quizizz appealing is that the questions appear on the student device rather than only on the main screen. This tool can be used as a formative assessment, whereas Kahoot lends itself to be more of a review tool.


I had been previously introduced to Padlet before TCEA, but what got me thinking about this tool more is the possibilities it has to get more kids involved in the discussion. I love that every kid in the room can post an answer to a discussion question instead of just waiting for their neighbor to be the one to raise their hand. Another great feature is that this can be done anonymously or with the student's name attached.

After looking through my many pages of notes from TCEA, these are the two ideas that I keep coming back to and have already implemented in my classroom. Baby steps toward integration of technology is better than digging in your heels. :)

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