Monday, March 28, 2011

Google Voice: A Great Communication Tool for Educators

What is Google Voice?
  • Google Voice is a free online phone service that allows multiple phone numbers to route through a single number.
How does it work?
  • Sign up for a Google Voice account and choose a number. 
  • Set your Google Voice number to link with your mobile, home, and/or work number
  • Place calls from your regular devices (phone or computer) and your Google Voice number is the number that appears on caller ID
  • Forward all incoming calls to the email of your choice
  • Send and receive SMS (text messages) via computer or your smart device (Apple and Android apps available)
  • Transcriptions of voicemail sent as an email or SMS
  • Google Voice is NOT Skype or Vonage. You still need a standard phone connection to use Google Voice.
Educator Advantages of Using Google Voice:
  • Send class reminders via SMS without using your personal mobile number
  • Communication with students/parents without giving your personal mobile/home number 
  • Forward calls to your Google Voice inbox if you do not wish to receive phone calls
  • Send bulk SMS without charges from your mobile phone carrier
Google Voice Guide: (click here)

Tip of the Week:
Screen shot on a Mac:   shift + command + 4  (you choose what area of the screen)

Web Resource:
AppShopper - find iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch apps all in one place. Sign up for a free account, download the free app, and begin putting apps on your wish list. Be sure to turn on "push notifications" so you will be notified when apps go on sale.

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