Monday, May 23, 2011

Alan November's Three Favorite Technology Skills Every Kid Needs to Know

Just as Dirk Nowitzki defines what excellence is on the basketball court, Alan November exemplifies excellence in the education and technology arena. Why would we consider listening to him? Reputable companies, such as Apple, Disney, Harvard, and Time Warner have hired his company, November Learning.

I had the opportunity to speak to November in person. I asked him about today's students, "What are your three favorite skills that you feel every child needs to know prior to graduating from high school?" The following is how he responded:

1. Get the right information at the right time. That means really good web literacy skills...hardly a kid today has.

2. Fantastic global communication skills. So, every classroom is a global communication center teaching kids to be fearless communicators around the world creating content and assessing together. Otherwise the US economy isn't going to grow jobs as fast as the rest of the world, and we need to give that sense of fearless to create jobs.

3. Finally, be self-directed. If you are too dependent on being managed, and this goes back to my vision and question of "Who owns the learning," the longer you stay in American school system, the more dependent you are to be managed around learning. That kind of kills lifelong learning. You may want to establish a base level of learning; every kid should know Diigo, tagging, and Twitter. Every kid needs an eLearning portfolio. Every kid should take an online course while in K-12. We need to do a whole series of things to give kids discipline and an individual work ethic of being self-directed.

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