Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Here! Microsoft Office 2010

Coming to a Computer Near You
The Microsoft Office 10 Suite which includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, and Outlook is replacing Office 2003. If you have only used Office 2003, then you will definitely want to become familiar with the new version! All Office 10 products have an entirely new interface and are quite different from the 2003 version. The main feature includes replacing the “menu” with a tabbed tool bar called “the Ribbon.” Once you have become familiar with it, you will see that it is easier to organize and offers a lot more features such as screen capturing and the ability to convert PowerPoint presentations to movies.

Free Tutorial Sites to Help You Transition
Make Use Of is a daily blog that publishes daily updates on new websites and programs and provides links to a wealth of free downloads and printable cheat sheets!  Go to the site, scroll all the way to the bottom to sign up or “like” them on Facebook to get access to all the free items. Check this one out: Microsoft Office 2010 Tips and Tricks!

Custom Guide Reference Sheets

Custom offers  printable quick references that are yours to use, distribute, and share. Be sure to sign up for a  30-day free trial if you like it.

Quick reference sheets

Microsoft Office Tutorials offers just about every type of free tutorial, from printed guides, “cheat sheets” , videos, and even self assessment tests!  No matter how you learn, this site will have what you are looking for!  Check these out:

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