Monday, December 5, 2011

No Sleigh??? Google Earth will get you there!

Google Earth
Our students may not have a sleigh, but they can still travel the world using Google Earth. This free downloadable program presents wonderful sights and information to our students whenever it is used in a classroom.  Used in conjunction with the Promethean Board it can open the eyes of all watching. No Promethean Board???  Use it with any projector and a computer to travel the world.  The older students can create travel trips themselves while the younger students are whisked away to the ruins of Egypt by their teacher.  If you are not quite ready to create your own, check out the Google Earth Gallery ..... world oil consumption, real time earthquakes, historic Fort Monroe, the life of Charlie Chaplin, and many more. 
Another source is Google Lit Trips.  This website creates engaging and relevant literary experiences as it marks the journey of literary characters from books. 
Tutorials and tips can be found at these websites.
         From Jingle Bells to Jingle Sales laughing all the way!
We all know about the major shopping websites but have you tried these?     This website sells one item per day until it is sold out or until time is up and a new day begins with a new item.  I got Flip MinoHD cameras for $35.00 each!  and       Personalize items

Tip of the Week:  Open Documents that Office Wants to Block

In the past, older versions of Office documents would not open in newer versions.  Office 2010, fortunately, makes it easy to override those blocks. If you are having an issue with this in Word or Excel go to File -->Options -->Trust Center, click Trust Center Settings, then select File Block Settings, and remove the checkmarks from the older Office files that you want Office 2010 to open.

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