Monday, November 28, 2011

Pining 4 Pinterest

Have you heard about Pinterest? It's a great web site that functions as a virtual bulletin board. As you surf the web, you can "pin" a web site-- including pictures and notes-- to your board. If you find a good recipe on Food Network, pin it to your recipe board. Need to get  organized for Christmas? Create a board for gift ideas. And that's not all.
Pinterest is interactive like Facebook. You can follow your friends, comment on their boards, and "repin" their ideas for future use.
So now you know that Pinterest is like a virtual bulletin board. It's fun and interactive. But how does this apply to your classroom?
Some teachers are using it as a shared, collaborative space to collect lesson ideas and web sites. You might start with your grade level teams or departments and create boards for upcoming topics or units. For example, I have boards with the following categories: Promethean, iPad, and School (as well as boards for recipes and craft projects.)
Jennifer Stelzer, our Art teacher, has a board for Zentangles.
Check out these boards and see what you think. But beware, it's addictive! :)

Website of the Week:
Smithsonian Education has created resources for easy book projects designed to get families talking about their heritage and creating a memory book together. Check out the samples and instructions on the Smithsonian web site. 
Tip of the Week:
Take 5 minutes and update your Activinspire software.
Open ActivInspire> From the Dashboard, click on Configure then click Check for updates.

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