Monday, January 16, 2012

Pinterest Boards for Education

Pinterest in Education

You were introduced to Pinterest back in November 2011 when Jennifer Waldroop did an introductory post on "Pinning for Pinterest". Now it is time to start following educational boards on Pinterest. Each board offers resources for education. Choose boards as they relate to your field of study or interest. Here's a list of some great boards you may want to start following.

 My Favorite Boards to Follow
  • Commerce ISD: Click here to see their many resources (interactives, TEKS, apps, curriculum based on subject area, flipcharts, virtual field trips, and so many more)
  • iPad Apps for Education: Click here to follow this board from "Recess Duty"
  • iPad Resources: Click here to follow this board from Janet Corder
  • Promethean Resources: Click here to follow this board from Janet Corder
  • Promethean Resources for Elementary: Click here to follow this board from Tracy Worley
  • Technology Educational Blogs to follow: Click here to follow this board from Kristie Johnson (tons of web 2.0 resources found on these blogs...great place to get ideas for integrating technology in curriculum)
Website of the Week:
Learning in Hand.  If you are interested in implementing mobile learning then this website if for you. Tony Vincent is an independent consultant from Phoenix. His website is filled with information about iPads, iPods, iPod touch, netbooks, Podcasting, and much more. Check out his website for great resources. You can also follow Tony on Twitter (tonyvincent). He will tweet apps for education on a regular basis.

Tip of the Week:
Agenda Calendar $.99...if you own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod you don't want to miss this app.
  • It syncs with your device to give you a much easier view of the events listed on your calendar. 
  • Download the app, click on it, and your calendars from your device appear. 
  • The first view is a list view of the days. 
  • Be sure to swipe the screen to the left for the day view...then swipe up or down to switch days. 
  • From the day view, if you swipe to the left again you will see the individual events listed. From that view you can email or copy event. 
  • Click here to download the app.

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