Monday, February 20, 2012

Flip it. Flop it. See Grades Skyrocket!
What is a Flipped Classroom?
Simply put, lessons and lectures are watched at home and assignments are done in class. The flipped classroom is a new, innovative teaching model which flips where homework, class lectures and instruction take place. It incorporates mobile learning by delivering what would have been classroom lectures and instruction to the students through interactive, collaborative, teacher created videos for students to view at home. What would have normally been a homework assignment, becomes a guided classroom assignment. Students spend their time in the classroom collaborating on assignments and projects with the help of their teachers and peers instead of getting the lesson via lecture in class then trying to figure out what to do on their own at home.

How Does it Work?
You don't have to think up new things to flip your classroom. Use what you have already created. You will just change the format. Using your computer, a microphone and your choice of software, turn your presentation into a video, broadcast, podcast, screencast, etc. You can easily convert PowerPoint and Promethean presentations to video with the software you have already on your computers and laptops.  Load your presentation on your website, blog or one of the tools mentioned in this week's websites below, and you are ready to go. Students will have on demand learning that they can watch again and again from their home computer, mobile device, even their phone! As a teacher you will be able to spend more of your time as a guide and a facilitator for student learning. Your instruction time will be free for more student-teacher interaction and the students will be able to focus more on content mastery. Not sure how to proceed? See your Instructional Technology Specialist and you will  be flipping in no time!

The Flipped Model Resources
For more information on the flipped classroom, check out these resources:
Websites of the Week: Online Presentation Tools
  • Turn PowerPoint into A Video- You can now save your Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation as a video, making it easier for you to distribute, and easier for recipients to view
  • Record Your Flipchart - Scroll down and click on the Video Recorder ActivTip.
  • Screencasting with Jing - Simple and FREE, Jing is the perfect way to enhance your fast-paced online conversations. Create images and videos of what you see on your computer screen, then share them instantly!
 New Tools:
Big Marker is a great online presentation tool. Host your own webinar, record your presentation and more.

Videosprout provides a place to privately or publicly share your video presentations. Stream videos instantly and no download is required.

Yodio allows you to put your voice with your photos and videos all online! No microphone needed. Record straight from your phone then share.

Tip of the Week: Google's URL Shortener & QR Creator
Want to make a long URL shorter and turn it into a QR code at the same time? Then head over to Shorten your URL. Paste that shortened URL into your browser and add ".qr" to the end of the URL to create an immediate QR matrix barcode.

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