Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ways to Use ActivExpressions in the Classroom

If you are interested in creative way to use ActivExpressions in your classroom, then this video is for you. Watch how Ron Clark demonstrates way his academy is using ActivExpressions.

Tip of the Week:
Here are a few shortcuts you can use within ActivInspire:
  • F11 = show your dashboard
  • F6 = open the desktop tools
  • F4 = activate duel pens (press F4 again to turn it off)
  • F3 = activate the Express Poll
  • Ctrl + B = opens the browsers
  • Ctrl + U = opens the edit profile box (change the settings here)
Favorite ActivInspire Tool:
The Desktop Annotate Tool is the winner. Click on this icon and use your ActivInspire tools on top of PowerPoint, Word, Excel, favorite websites, document camera, etc.

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