Monday, September 10, 2012

Video Resources for Teachers

We have 2 video resources for teachers in our district.  One is Discovery Education and the other is Safari Montage.

Discovery Streaming has been around a long time.  If you already have an account but have forgotten your login you can click on "forgot username/password?" to retrieve the information.  If you are new to the district and had an account in another district or have never had an account you will need to create an account.  To do that contact your Instructional Technology Specialist to get the passcode which will allow you to set up an account.  There are many videos available within this site.

The new kid on the block is Safari Montage.  A few of our schools have used it for a year, but many schools are just now getting it set up.  This resource can be easily accessed using your e number and password.  Press the Tutorial button to get video help on all of the topics.

Training is available for both of these. Put in a helpdesk request for your school.

Other Video Websites you may not have used before and can be accessed within our network:

Please remember, if the link is to a video on youtube we cannot access it within our district.

Tip:  If you need to have a field like a fill in the blank in Microsoft Word all you have to do is go to
Insert-->Quick Parts-->Field 


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