Monday, November 12, 2012

Springpad + Pinterest = A Winning Combination

Let’s face it. If you are a Pinterest user, it is highly unlikely you will be giving it up any time soon. It just makes it way too easy to find and save resources (educational or otherwise) to use later. But, having perused many users’ educational boards, I’ve noticed they tend to be large repositories of great ideas on a lot of different topics.

Here’s where a free SpringPad account can help further organize those Pinterest gems into specific units of instruction without having to create more boards. You create notebooks to hold your resources just like you create boards in Pinterest. And, there’s a bookmarklet for adding resources to those notebooks just like the Pinterest “PinIt” button. Then, when you are in Pinterest you can use the “Spring It” button on your Bookmarks or Favorites Toolbar to add fraction resources to a Fractions Notebook or interactives to an Energy notebook. Use the notes option to add a lesson plan, include images and other media resources to add to a flipchart or even upload flipcharts and documents you have already created. One or more notebooks can be shared with your team or department for collaborative planning, made public so your students can access the resources, or kept private.

For more information, check out these FAQs, videos and tutorials for Springpad:

Website of the Week

Professor Word is a great resource for students or anyone else wishing to increase their vocabulary. Simply drag the PW bookmarklet to your Favorites  or Bookmarks toolbar. When you click the Run ProfessorWord! button, every SAT, ACT or GRE vocabulary word on the current webpage will be highlighted. Click on a highlighted word for its usage and definition or look the word up instantly at Merriam-Webster, or Google.  You can even get the definitions of any other words on the webpage by entering them into the toolbar.  Check out ProfessorWord today. No sign up is needed, but when accounts become available, users will be able to keep track of up to 1,000 words.

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  1. The Pinterest Pin It button also works rather well on the iOS mobile devices: iPad & iPhone.