Monday, February 4, 2013

Finding Quality Educational Blogs

Anyone seeking current, reliable, and relevant online information regarding educational best practices, effective teaching strategies, technology integration, classroom management, Web 2.0 and more can quickly find themselves bogged down in numerous good, bad, and downright ugly "educational" blogs and websites. How does one find valuable resources without losing valuable time (or getting sidetracked in Pinterest)? searches the Web for the most relevant educational blogs, evaluates them, then assigns each a Teach100 score based on their social network activity, the frequency of the blog's updates, overall authority, and presentation of content.  Anyone can submit a blog for consideration for the Teach100 list.

The organization of this site makes it extremely easy for an educator to quickly determine whether or not a blog will likely meet his/her needs. The blogs are listed according to their Teach100 daily ranking and each site's movement within the ranking is indicated as the site moves up, down or remains the same. Clicking a blog's link provides a brief description of the blog, links to the 5 latest blog entries and the link to the actual blog.

There's even a widget for embedding Teach100 in your own blog or website as I have done here. You have instant access to the top 10 entries of the day. The actual site will list the top 100+ educational blogs.

Learn more about Teach100.  If you know someone who would like to become a teacher, direct them to the parent website

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