Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Brain Breaks are a way to refocus, calm, or energize your students throughout the school day. Research has shown that giving students these short breaks allows them to get their wiggles out and refocus on the task at hand. There are many resources available for brain breaks, and GoNoodle is a new one to add in to your rotation.

What is GoNoodle?
GoNoodle is a safe, free brain break site designed for K-5 classrooms.  All of the activities are research-based, so students’ brains and bodies benefit. Students choose a class mascot that offers funny comments and tallies points as more and more activities are completed.

GoNoodle Activities
Clicking info on each activity (you have to hover over the activity) provides objectives, suggestions for when to play that particular activity, and benefits of the activity. Some of the activities are even customizable, such as Body Spell. In Body Spell, teachers can input a list of up to 20 words. The activity has the students spell each word as they go through various body motions.

How long are the activities?
All of the activities are five minutes or less. Approximate times are listed under each activity.

Are your students older than 5th grade? Here are links to a few Brain Break activities:

- Brain Breaks: Refocus the Brain
- Energizing Brain Breaks
- Brain Breaks

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