Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wishes Come True with Siri

The new year is here and time to try the new features in Siri. If you have an iPhone and haven't tried Siri, Apple's voice command system, then you should give it a try. When you first start using Siri it is important to remember that your voice will be misunderstood at first. Keep using it so Siri can become familiar with your voice and commands. When iOS7 came out Siri was also updated. Take a moment to read some of my favorite things Siri can do from the article by Bakari Chanavu. 

Getting Started with Siri:
Hold the home button until the voice prompt opens. For your first Siri command, press the question mark in the bottom left-hand corner to learn more commands Siri can answer. A list of Siri commands will appear on the screen.

Making Phone Calls with Siri:
The command I tend to use the most is for phone calls. You never have to search for numbers or be caught using your phone in the car without your eyes on the road. I like to plug in my headphones and use Siri so I have a better chance of my phone being recognized. You can also add nicknames to your contacts. Open a contact and choose "add a field" to add nicknames, etc.

Launch Applications:
Need to open and app and not sure where it is located? Try telling Siri to launch that app. Be specific when making the command. If you have several types of apps on your phone that are similar, for example: cameras, then you would need to say the name of the app and not "launch camera."

Play iTunes Radio Station:
A new feature of iTunes is radio stations. Now with Siri you can launch radio stations. So instead of fumbling around looking for radio stations while you are in the car, just tell Siri to "launch iTunes radio" or "launch my genre station." You can also tell Siri to play songs from your music library by saying the artist name or the name of the song.

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  1. Thanks for the info on Siri. I will definitely try some of the new features!