Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Key Strategies for an Epic Win: Using YouTube in Your Classroom!

Open, open, open… remember the commercial where the shopper stands at the front of the store with her nose pressed to the window? Like the woman in the commercial, many of us are very excited about having access to YouTube at school.So, when it's open will you be ready? Can you navigate YouTube?

Getting Started:

A Few Advanced Tips:

  • Annotate your videos. (ones you upload) Directions. 
  • Add Captions. Directions
  • Edit videos using the YouTube Video Editor. With the editor you can combine multiple videos, add music and transitions, or trim the video to the most important part of the video. Directions

Some Classroom Applications:

  • Flip your class using YouTube’s web cam feature. Here’s my test video and directions.
  • Create playlists for reviews and tutorials. You don’t have to create everything. Use existing videos from Smithsonian, PBS, Khan Academy, etc.
For more ideas, check out The Teacher’s Guide To Using YouTube In The Classroom.

Grow Your Professional Learning Network:

How will you use YouTube in your classroom? Post your comments and ideas. We’d love to hear from you. 

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  1. 1. That would have been the Mervyn's commercial I believe :)
    2. Great tips!
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