Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Enhance YouTube with Chrome Extensions

Open! Open! Open! YouTube is open! So where do you go from here? A good start would be to read the blog post by Jennifer Waldroop titled "Key Strategies for an Epic Win: Using YouTube in Your Classroom." Click here for that link. This article will walk you through these strategies:

  • Getting started - creating an account, creating playlists, how to use the "watch later" feature.
    • FYI...if you have a Google account then you can use that to log in to YouTube.
  • Downloading videos for offline viewing.
  • Annotate videos you upload.
  • Add captions.
  • Editing your videos, combing multiple videos, etc.
  • Flip your classroom using the YouTube web cam feature.
The next step deals with the technical side of using YouTube in the classroom...ways to block seeing unwanted videos in the side stream. 

The first three recommendations are Google Chrome Extensions. To use these extensions you must first install the Chrome Browser. (click here to download). Second, you can click on the links below to download these extensions. The first two will appear in the URL bar when you go to YouTube.

Turn Off the Lights
This extension allows to you blackout all information on a webpage except the video. Use this with YouTube in the classroom because the videos shown on the sidebar will be blacked out by just clicking the light bulb in the URL window to turn off the lights.

Magic Actions for YouTube
This extensions is great for YouTube videos. Features include videos played in HD, ads     blocked, 1-click for cinema mode so the whole page is shaded. The features will appear underneath the YouTube video once opened.

AdBlock Plus
This extension blocks annoying ads in YouTube, Facebook, banners, pop-ups and all obtrusive ads. Once enabled the user can see the number of ads blocked in the extension. Also the blocked ad leaves the screen white where an ad would normally be located.

The last trick to clear the YouTube site of unwanted videos that stream on the right side is a website called ViewPure. ViewPure offers that same concept as the above extensions...blocking out all videos on the page except the one you choose to watch. You can also search YouTube videos inside ViewPure and then click play to watch without having to go to the actual YouTube site.

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