Tuesday, October 21, 2014

GameUp with BrainPop

Seventy-four percent of K-8 teachers in a recent survey by the Games and Learning Publishing Council reported using digital games for instruction. Gaming can definitely enrich your classroom and further enhance student learning. One great gaming tool is GameUp. 

GameUp is a FREE resource through BrainPop that provides fun, interactive and educational games that will engage and challenge your students. GameUp addresses a wide variety of K-12 content areas, including: Science, Math, Social Studies, Health, English, and Engineering/Technology.

- Motivate and provide goals
- Encourage participation
- Foster creative, interactive problem-solving
- Strengthen critical and systems thinking
- Pose adaptive challenges
- Spark inquiry
- Require very little prep by busy teachers

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What you need to know about GameUp:
- Search games by K-12 state standards as well as by lesson plans and grade level.
- Lesson plans, games, and quizzes/assessment tools are FREE.
- Students can also watch related BrainPop/Jr. videos if you are a BrainPop subscriber.
- Teachers can assign different game levels for differentiation.

Have you already used GameUp? What other ways are you gaming in your classroom? Let us know in the comments below.  

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