Monday, November 3, 2014

Data breaches and vulnerability: Data thieves, your private info and passwords, shopping online, using Wi-Fi and storing in the cloud.

The upcoming holiday season and the recent deluge of password security breaches at major retailers, leaves us feeling at risk of cyber-criminals.

This blog provides some basic points about vulnerability, password information, resources and provides you with some tools that can help protect you from the bad guys.

Your passwords, digital safety, basic security and knowing how to attack the problem of hackers along with being a well informed, vigilant individual helps keep you from being a target.

Password Do's and Don'ts

Here are a few tips compiled from the KrebsonSecurity blog

  • Don't use a family members name or passwords with combinations of your confidential information, such as your Social Security or phone numbers. 
  • Don't use the same password for your secure accounts (banking, financial and credit cards) as you use for your email accounts. It the email account is hacked, your password is at risk for all your accounts. 
  • Complexity is good in a password, but length is the key to a good password. The more characters, the harder is is to attack. 
  • It's OK to write down your password information but don't leave it in plain site. Best practice is to write down your username and website information which you access and put a password hint beside this information.
  • There are several third-party programs that help to manage passwords, such as Roboform and PasswordSafe,. I use Passwordsafe on my Iphone but must remember the Pin to be able to access these.

Protect yourself when you click, browse and buy online. 

McAfee offers a list of scams and keeping your holiday cheer this year. This website provides info on holiday mobile scams, gift scams, not-so-merry mobile apps and deceptive and dangerous E-seasons greeting and online games.

For complete article: 12 Scams for the season

Your secrets aren't safe

Consumer reports (July 2014) wrote an easy to read and understand (6 page) comprehensive article which addresses computer hacks, scams, smart phone hacks, malware, social media, at the doctors office, in the cloud, shopping, travel and how to protect your digital life. It includes a field guide to passwords, how to encrypt and software available to assist.

I encourage you to take time to read and apply these tips to help you attack the problem of hackers and keep you from being a target.

10 Important Password Tips Everyone Should Know

Vicki Davis writes on CoolCatTeacher and suggests switching to a passphrase, never saving passwords in a web browser, using the site name in your password, using a password manage and substituting numbers and letters. Again, the recommendation of using a unique password for your bank account and email is a reoccurring tip and recommended to change now.

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  1. Super cool tips! I like the idea of a passphrase. Thanks for sharing this near the online holiday shopping time!