Thursday, March 19, 2015

TCEA Favorite Finds: Google Flubaroo and autoCrat

Teachers, are you interested in a free, online tool to grade online assignments in under a minute?

Do you want to be able to get immediate analysis on student performance and email students their scores?

Have you heard about Google Sheets and Add-ons which extend the capabilities of the spreadsheets?
One of my favorite Google tools and take-away from TCEA is Google Forms, Google Sheets, Flubaroo and autoCrat.

Flubaroo makes grading online assignments in under a minute and measuring student performance a breeze.

Excited to share, upon return from TCEA we immediately gathered teachers to share Google Forms and Flubaroo.

Carroll High School (CHS) teachers are using Flubaroo to grade assignments via Google Forms, using Flubaroo with Google Docs to collect data and as a classroom student response system, and using self-graded Google forms.

Read how other teachers are using Flubaroo at What people are saying about Flubaroo.

The CHS Associate Principal, Dr. Ellis, is using this Google Forms and Flubaroo add-on to supplement the campus STAAR online training and Professional Development.

Dr. Ellis created a STAAR training presentation, turned it into a video with voice over, uploaded the video to a learning management system, and is using a Google Form to check for learning and staff completion of the training.

autoCrat is an add-on for Goggle Sheets that automates the creation and sharing of personalized (e.g.merged) Google Docs or PDF email attachments from columns of data in a Google Sheet.

This feature gives teachers that ability to create personalized certificates and letters to parents and students. On campus we plan to explore uses of autoCrat for beginning of the year gathering of data for students, parents, teachers and booster clubs as an efficient way to create and share personalized email attachements.

If you want to learn more about autocrat, this is a great ten minute youtube video.

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