Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Digital Worksheets now Gradeable with Ducksoup

Need a way to turn forms or documents into fillable, gradeable digital files? Duck Soup may be the website for you. Here are just a few things I've learned about this site:

  1. Duck Soup is a free site that allows you to connect to your Google Drive account. 
  2. Duck Soup will show all Google Docs, PDFs saved in Google Drive or you can upload your own files.
  3. Duck Soup allows users to create an "ESheet" from their Google Docs, PDFs in Drive or personal files.
  4. Duck Soup allows users to create a classroom.
  5. Duck Soup will grade ESheets created and assigned to a classroom. 
Benefits for Teachers:
  1. Turn worksheets or forms into gradeable, online forms vs. paper handouts that are turned in for a grade.
  2. Set how times student can respond when completing the ESheet and users can allow retries. 
  3. Number questions.
  4. Choose varies question answer types (Example: MC, text, number, paragraph, math show your work, etc).
  5. Set question value of your own choice.
  6. Add correct answer help text to questions.
  7. Add help answer link to questions.
  8. Watch live results as students work on the ESheet. 
  9. Force turn-in of ESheets once assigned.
  10. Download class results of assigned ESheet.
  11. Lock the ESheet.
  12. GAFE uses can upload ESheets directly to Google Classroom.
Cons for Teachers:
  1. You must use the ESheet created inside the Duck Soup site. The ESheet cannot be downloaded and filled in by users outside the site. (I did send a request for this feature to be added.)
  2. If your school is not a GAFE district, then you must create a classroom within the site.
  3. Students must create an account to use this site. 
Getting Started:
Here are a few screenshots to help you get started...

1. Creating an ESheet
2. Dashboard
 3. Classes
4. Editing questions in ESheets (you must click on answer block to get editing feature)

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