Monday, March 21, 2016

#TCEA16 Favorite Finds

Guest Post by Britney Kerley, Dawson Middle School 7th grade Language Arts Teacher

I’m not really sure how it’s already been a month since TCEA, but if you’re like me you’re already throwing in as many new tricks that you learned as you can. It’s been so fun passing it all on to my students and staff!  

Tagxedo takes your common word cloud up a notch. Some ways this could be used are in a book or author study with students providing information or facts they have learned throughout the study.  

While not a website or an app this is definitely my favorite person I discovered at TCEA! Leslie Fisher is a great person to follow on Twitter or Facebook. She is a gadget guru but also a lover of all things technology. Her sessions were filled with great apps and websites to use in the classroom. One thing I appreciated about her is that she really tried to share honestly about the apps or sites. It wasn’t just the latest and greatest that she wanted to share. She wanted to pass on quality info to us. Great person to keep up with!

My favorite post TCEA find has to be Kiddle. Have you heard of it? It’s the search engine powered by Google that is super-filtered for kids. Gone are the photos that make you slam your computer shut or the awkward conversations you have with your students when they Google something random and click images. Yikes! Kiddle is a kid-safe search engine that allows your students to search for things on the internet.  Check it out!

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