Thursday, March 10, 2016

#TCEA16 Favorite Finds

Guest Post by Steve Nathman, Carroll High School Digital and Interactive Media Teacher

 These were my top 2 sessions:
  1. 3D Printing aspect of the MakerBot Replicator -- 3D printing is easier than ever before, affordable at around $3000, and this device is smaller than my color printer!  Kids can invent and have tangible items to show off their work (and do so in different colors)! This is a cross-curriculum item where brochures can be designed by students in an interactive media class, the items can be sold, and it can be worked into our drone assembly by inventing parts and printing them! I truly believe that each school should have one of these, with one teacher or technologist responsible for knowing how to work it. The inventions from students will fly in!   

  1. Google Street View -- this is an app for 360° of amazing! This is for personal- and work-related usage! I had students go outside, using multiple devices such as phones and iPads. I also used this for recreating what happens in Digital and Interactive Media, and students each posed like they were working on an assignment. Download the app on your iOS and/or Android device or take a look on your computer and you’ll be hooked!

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