Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#TCEA16 Favorite Finds

Guest Post by Rebecca Gould, Carroll Senior High School French Teacher

I felt so blessed to attend the TCEA Conference February 3-5 in Austin. I’m always eager to learn and incorporate new strategies in my classroom. TCEA did not disappoint. There was a wide array of classes and workshops to attend, covering a huge variety of topics. 

As other attendees have mentioned, I enjoyed learning more about Google Add-Ons, which have all kinds of applications.

I have also enjoyed discovering Quizizz and using it in class. We use Kahoot to review, then Quizizz as a formative assessment. The students can quiz on their own devices, go at their own pace, and get immediate feedback. The instructor can then get the class results in an Excel spreadsheet to enter as a grade. You can upload images to accompany the questions.

I couldn’t be more excited about the Google Cultural Institute (art project, historic moments, world wonders) for art, history, geography, social studies, and world language teachers. I didn’t even know it existed before the conference. I’m going to enjoy taking my students on virtual tours of French art in museums around the world

I’m also excited to try Microsoft OneNote, an amazing digital note-taking app. 

There are two main reasons that I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to attend TCEA:

  1. My comfort level with new technology increased. I’m willing to take more risks with new apps and software, which ultimately improves student engagement and learning. 
  2. It was so much fun! I developed relationships with amazing teachers from other CISD campuses and had the opportunity to swap insights.

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