Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What's New with iOS 9.3

Apple's iOS 9.3 is here so what does that mean for Apple users? There are three significant updates: night shift, notes, and education. If you have yet to update your iOS device, you may want to read this "throwback" post on what to know before downloading any iOS updates. The post is about iOS 7, but the two rule of thumb principles on what to do before updating still apply today. 
Here is what you need to know about iOS 9.3 (by now there is already a 9.3.1 update)
  • Night Shift
    • Apple has made the display "color friendly" by giving users an option to use warmer (orange color) color tones at night. For my fellow iPad readers at night, you can set your night shift display to turn on automatically with the schedule feature. 
    • You can also access Night Shift in the Control Center.
  • Notes
    • Now you can better protect your notes by locking them. Locked notes require a password to unlock or use the fingerprint feature to open.
    • Click this link to read a tutorial on how to lock notes on an iOS device. 

  • Education
    • For years, the iPad was meant to be a single-user device. As schools deployed shared sets of iPads into the educational world, the problem of managing shared sets became a huge problem for classroom teachers. Multiple users on the same device caused students to lose work or their settings. With iOS 9.3 managing multiple users on a single device could be a significant selling point for education.
    • This update offers the following educational features:
      • Shared Sets
        • Students can pick up where they left off.
        • Once a student logs in, they have access to all their apps and materials.
        • Simpler login for younger students.
      • New Classroom App
        • This app becomes the "teaching assistant" for the educator.
        • Teachers can see any iPad screen of students with Screen View.
        • Teachers can reset forgotten passwords. 
        • Teachers can launch an app or website or lock an app to keep students focused. 
      • Apple School Manager Portal
        • The manager portal is more of a technical feature used by technology to enroll and set up iPads.
    • NOTE: The education features is initiated at the admin level. Currently, the technology department is exploring these features and speaking with an Apple engineer on the functionality of this update. 
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