Thursday, February 23, 2017

#TCEA17 Favorite Finds

This is a guest post by Bailey Buck, 1st grade teacher at Johnson Elementary.

That Quiz
  • Not an app; it is a website but you can add to your iPad screen from Safari 
  • For math quizzes
  • You can make your own quizzes (if you have an account) or use quizzes that are already made
  • Great differentiation (number of questions, level, time)
  • Topics include (but are not limited to): time, money, arithmetic, shapes, number lines, place value
  • Free
I have already used this with my students, and it is awesome! The kids love it and ask to do it all the time. It has great feedback and gives me an idea of areas that we need to work on and skills that we have mastered either individually or as a class!

  • Free app
  • Like Kahoot BUT…
    • Students work at their own pace (able to change the time length)
    • You can turn music on/off
    • The questions and answer choices are on the student individual iPad (not on your board like Kahoot)
    • Questions go in different orders
    • You can have the questions and answer choice read aloud to the students (so awesome!) 
    • Takes the “race” aspect out of the game (in contrast to Kahoot)
THIS IS AWESOME! It's favorite app that I learned about at TCEA! My students loved Kahoot, but I had some students who would just press a random answer to be the “first person who answered.”

With Quizizz, it is not a race, and the students are working on their individual iPad to answer and read the questions (rather than looking on the board for the question). The students love it just as much as Kahoot!

Virtual Manipulative Apps (all free)
I downloaded all of these apps, and the students have been using them, taking a screenshot, uploading in Popplet, saving it, uploading to Seesaw, and sharing…triple app-smashing!!

Here is an example of students have done:
  1. Used the app “Pieces Basic” and made a number using tens and ones blocks. 
  2. Took a screenshot, went to Popplet, uploaded the screenshot, and added more text to describe their blocks.
  3. Saved the Popplet and uploaded to Seesaw…
And my students are first graders!!!! 

Chatterpix Kid
  • Free app
  • Make your photos, friends, or drawings talk (students take a photo, draw a line over the mouth and record their voice...then save and share on Seesaw…app-smashing!!)
The students have so much fun with this app! One way that I have used this app is during our unit over Famous Americans. We studied each Famous American and learned why they are important.

The students then drew a portrait of the Famous American. Students took an iPad, took a picture of their drawing, drew a line over the mouth, and recorded their voice acting like they were that Famous American, saved it, then uploaded to Seesaw! Click here for an example.

  • Free app
  • Safe news site for kids to use
  • Can change the Lexile reading level (there is a writing prompt and quiz to go along with the article)
  • Can change grade levels
  • News Article writing template free on Teacher Pay Teachers
I have not yet used this tool, but it looks fun!

Draw and Tell
  • Free App
  • Cn be used for telling stories: draw, color, and record voice
  • Create a story: talk about your drawing or tell a story, move the stickers as you talk, save drawings with recordings, and then upload to Seesaw…app-smashing! 
I have not yet used this app, but it's on my "to do" list.

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