Monday, April 2, 2012

The Results Browser in ActivInspire

The Results Browser in ActivInspire

Many teachers use their ActivExpressions in class and think they have to record the results at that time.  However, to access the class results at a later date all you have to do is click on your voting browser, scroll down to the results browser, then click on it to retrieve your results. If you set up your classes in the database ahead of time the results of each class will be retained in your Flipchart for future reference. 

Family Time Apps:  Spring has sprung and so have iphone apps!

Angry Bunny’s Easter Egg-splosion!  This naughty Easter bunny has stolen Santa’s sleigh. Your goal is to help the angry bunny drop off rotten eggs for the bad girls and boys, and chocolate eggs for the good ones.

Easter Egg Coloring Book!  Do your children love to color? Are you sick of carrying around crayons and coloring books? Look no further than the free Easter Egg Coloring Book app.

doodle jump: HOP The Movie  This free game offers hours of Easter fun for the whole family. Some levels are very hard, so partner with your children and make it a team effort.

Candy Egg Create   Love to decorate eggs but hate the mess? Check out the Candy Egg Create app for 99 cents and decorate virtual eggs.


Tip of the Week: 

For those schools that have Safari Montage….Did you know that it supports whiteboard integration?  Click on the logo to enable freezing a video and annotating over the image.

Websites of the Week:  On-line Scientific and Graphing Calculators



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