Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tired of PowerPoint? Try Prezi!

Death by PowerPoint
Try Prezi

There are times we all have a need to communicate. Research shows that including a visual when trying to communicate aides in the comprehension and retention of the information, especially when color and graphics are involved. As teachers, we have competition for our students' minds. Today’s students are inundated with visuals and videos that seize their attention and engross their minds. What do we do? [Insert PowerPoint.] We try to communicate using a traditional, linear, outline type presentation tool. That is a first step. If you are ready to try another tool, try Prezi. Click on the link below to view an introduction to Prezi. If you are interested in a training session, sign up in Eduphoria Workshop to attend a session on June 7, 2012 to learn this free, easy tool! Follow @Prezi_edu on Twitter to learn more each day.

Tip of the Week
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This is a site where many educators have combed through the plethora of apps available for all content areas and listed the best and most effective apps.

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