Monday, May 7, 2012

Be a Genius with this App of the Week

 Genius Scan

Recently, while waiting for my tires to be rotated, I wasn’t able to finish a great gardening article I had been reading.  No problem.  I used the free Genius Scan app on my iPhone to scan the last few of pages of the article and save them into one PDF document to read later in iBooks.  Genius Scan detected the page orientation, let me adjust the sides of the image to include a whole page or crop only a portion, enhance the image, and combine multiple scans into just one document.  I also had the option of emailing the scans to myself as a JPGs or PDFs or uploading them to other apps like Kindle, AppToolkit, Evernote and Dropbox. With Genius Scan + ($2.99), I could have also exported to Google Docs, Twitter and Expensify or printed them with an Air Printer.  In the past, I would have simply used my phone’s camera, but with Genius Scan’s ability to correct the keystone effect of snapping a photo from an angle and its ability to create multiple page PDFs, it will be my app of choice in most similar circumstances. If you don’t have an iPhone, there are other similar apps available for Android, Blackberry, and WindowsPhone 7.  Genius scan should be coming to Android very soon and you can sign up here to be notified when it available. 
My Top 5 uses for Genius Scan
  • Scan receipts for expense reports 
  • Scan articles to read later.
  • Scan recipes, notes on a bulletin board, displays etc.
  • Scan student work and or artwork.
  • Since iPhones have a limit of 5 photos for email, create a PDF with as many photos as needed. 
What can you scan today?

 Tip of the Week

Before you head off to summer conferences or an island vacation, visit SnapMyInfo and enter any contact information you might want to share with others that you meet. Click the “Create VCard QR Code” button and voila – you have your own contact QR Code.  If you do this on your phone or tablet, you can save the resulting QR code as an image in your photos. To share your contact information, have the other person use the QR code reader app of their choice to read the code. The contact information is immediately available to be added to their contacts.  It worked great with these free scanners: Qrafter, ATTScanner, and i-nigma.

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