Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Infuse Learning: A Virtual Student Response System

 I am excited to share with you InfuseLearning.  Move over Socrative, PollEverywhere, and other student response systems.  It just got easier.  InfuseLearning is the newest virtual tool for this job in the classroom.  It is empowering yet simple to use.  The online tool allows you to push questions, pictures, prompts, and quizzes to each student device.  School districts that are lucky enough to have classroom sets of mobile devices, laptops, or have a successful BYOD program set up are able to use this tool easily.  It provides a platform that allows teachers to engage every student on any device. It is not limited by location or device.  Real-time student feedback, enhanced interest, differentiation, and effective questioning are all part of this tool.
  • Quick Assessment, sometimes called on- the- fly questioning, can come in the form of Draw Response, True/False, Multiple Choice, Sort in Order, Open Ended Text Answer, Numeric, and Likert Scale.
  • The ability to send a weblink or a math problem to every student device is part of the Interactive tools.
  • Quizzes can be created ahead of time and then pushed to the student devices.
  • Quiz Results can be downloaded to a spreadsheet and saved.
  • The teacher has the ability to see each student response, including how they solved the problem you pushed to them.
Teachers go to:   http://www.infuselearning.com/ to register for free.
Teachers go to:   http://teacher.infuselearning.com/ to set up quizzes and receive your student room number.
Students go to:  http://student.infuselearning.com/ and wait for quizzes and questions to be pushed down to them.
One side note:  It must be used with browsers other than Internet Explorer.  You can use Chrome or Firefox with no problem.  You will get an error with IE.

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  1. I think this is really neat. I especially love the open-ended response and draw response capabilities; those are unlike most "quick assessment" programs I've used before. Thanks for sharing today!