Tuesday, October 1, 2013

AURASMA - Augmented Reality for Your Classroom

Imagine your student holding his or her smart phone or iPad up to a book cover, as if to take a picture. Now imagine the book cover coming to life as a video of a student giving a book review begins to play. With the free app Aurasma, that’s exactly what can happen in your classroom! You can watch a short clip of Aurasma in action here and here.

Aurasma is a free augmented reality app for iOS and Android devices that allows users to layer video on top of any image. Think of it as a QR Code, but way more fun. Users can create “Auras” on their device using the Aurasma app or on their computer using the Aurasma Studio account.

Aurasma terms to know:
Trigger Image: The picture that you want to enhance.
Overlay: The media you layer on top of the trigger image (usually a video).
Aura: What pops up when your device scans the trigger image.

So, how could you use Aurasma in your classroom?
- Word walls or vocabulary
- Interactive Bulletin Boards
- Book covers or specific book pages
- Posters
- Student art
- Homework or project descriptions/directions
- Virtual Tours/Field Trips

How to get started:
Erin Klein has a great step by step guide to creating Auras and using them in the classroom. You can find her site here.

Where do you see Aurasma fitting in to your classroom or school? 

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