Thursday, September 19, 2013

iOS 7 is Here...What to Know Before and After Downloading

iOS 7 is here so what should you know before and after downloading Apple's new operating system? It always surprises me how many people experience difficulties when Apple releases new operating system updates. As I look back over the releases I realize that the problem lies in forgetting some of the basic steps. This post will look at two major basic steps that many users forget to do before they jump into downloading a new operating system. Then you will find eight tips on how to maneuver through the changes after the download is complete. 

BEFORE downloading iOS 7, two basic steps to follow:

  • You should always backup your device before making such a big change as downloading a new operating system. That way if any contacts, calendar appointments, notes, etc. are compromised during the download you can retrieve them by restoring your phone to the last backup. That's what I call "Apple 101." Before you go to the Apple Genius bar - backup, get a new phone - backup, download a new iOS operating system - backup, or for good measure just backup every couple of weeks in case your phone crashes.
    • iCloud Backup vs. Computer Backup
      • I am not a big fan of backing up to iCloud because Apple only gives you a certain amount of space for free. Each backup requires additional space which will eventually deplete. Plus, I found it difficult to find my backup when I used iCloud.
      • I find it much easier to backup my devices to the computer. Be warned...make sure your computer is also being backed up via an external hard drive or some type of cloud storage. 
  • In all my years of owning an iOS device, I have yet to lose my contacts, photos, notes, calendar appointments, etc. I say that boldly because I have a rule of thumb and that is that I back up my devices at least once a month. Should something disappear, I can go back and restore my device to the latest backup.
  • With the release of iOS 7, app developers are quickly pushing out their updated apps. Be sure to go to the App Store and run the updates. Anytime a new operating system is released users need to update their apps so they are compatible with the new system.
  • Warning about Updating Apps: Be sure to read the fine print before pressing the update button. Developers will list what is included in the download and if there could be complications. Sometimes it is better to wait depending on what is listed in the update.

AFTER downloading iOS 7, a few tips on changes:

1.  Notification Center 
  • New tabs at the top: Today/All/Missed
  • Today reveals the weather and your calendar for the day.
  • All reveals all notifications.
  • Missed reveals any notifications that were not seen.
2.  Spotlight Search
  • The spotlight search feature has moved. No longer does swiping to the right reveal the spotlight, but now swipe down (but not swiping from the top of the screen or you will get the notification center) to get to the spotlight search feature.
3.  Shutting Down Apps
  • Normally, if users want to close out apps, they double tap the home button and pick the apps they want to close. In iOS 7, after the double tap, apps now appear as a series of screens users scroll left to right. To close apps, simply swipe up.
4.  Deleting Emails 
  • In the past, users could swipe left or right on an email to delete. Now users have different options per swipe. Left swipe gives the trash or move option. Right swipe opens the email.
5.  Bigger Folders
  • Folders are no longer limited to a certain number of apps. Each one will now hold as many apps as you choose. New pages are created within the folder to accommodate the apps added.
6.  Blocking Numbers
  • There's now an option to block callers. You can do this with settings/phone/block and add new, contacts, or numbers found in the Recents menu. Click the info button on the right and scroll down to Block. The feature will block any phone calls, messages or FaceTime chats from that contact.
7.  Camera
  • There are more options right in front of you, like High Dynamic Range and Panorama. 
  • There's also a new Square option and native filters; Instagram fans will love this. 
  • Photos are organized differently, too. There's the standard albums, but when you tap the Photos icon at the bottom left, you can view images as "collections" sorted by date.
  • Albums now contain a video and panorama album.
8.  Control Center Features
  • From the lock screen, swipe upward on the bar located at the bottom of your device. When you swipe you now have access to these features.
    • The top section has five features: Airplane Mode, Wifi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb,Orientation Lock
    • The middle section features:  Music and Brightness control
    • The bottom section features: Flashlight (new feature), Clock/Timer, Calculator, Camera

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  1. if your device is not 100% charged, Please make sure you have the device plugged into a charger not the computer.