Monday, October 7, 2013

Share Images over WiFi with Image Transfer

Image Transfer (free)
Photo and Video Transfer ($1.99)

Have you ever wanted to transfer photos and videos from a computer to one or more iOS devices or vice versa? Do you want your students to have a quick and easy way to send you screen shots of their work or share images with each other for a project? Emailing images isn't always a viable option considering limitations on file size and the number of images you can send. Transferring images and videos over wifi is the answer.

Image Transfer and the paid version, Photo and Video Transfer are probably the easiest apps I have found for transferring photos and videos between multiple devices or between devices and computers. The only requirement is that the iOS devices must be on the same wireless network and the computers need access to the internet. A username and password are not needed.   While the free version does limit you to 5 photos at a time, it would be a great way to try the app out for yourself. You can upgrade from within the app if you decide you need to transfer more than 5 photos at a time or you want to transfer videos. You can even transfer between devices that have both free and paid versions.

Transferring images between iOS devices over WiFi using Image Transfer:

  1. Each device that you will be transferring images to/from needs to have the app installed and open.
  2. Make sure all mobile devices are on the same wireless network.
  3. Click the "Send" section of the app to choose photos to send.
  4. When the photos have been selected, click the Send button in the upper right hand corner and choose "Send to iPhone or iPad". The app will look for devices on the same network.
  5. Click on the name of the device you want to send images to.  A transfer progress window will appear and let you know when the transfer is complete. The receiving device will show a message that the photos were saved to the Camera Roll.
  6. Click "Done".

Transferring between iOS devices and a computer 

This process is very similar.  Choose "Send to a Computer" instead of an iOS device.  The app will provide a permalink address for you to enter into a browser on the computer. Images are then downloaded from the iOS devices or uploaded to them through this URL.

Classroom Uses for Image Transfer

  1. With the free app, students can transfer up to 5 images to each other for sharing in a project or to the teacher for grading. 
  2. With the paid app, students can transfer more than 5 images as well as video projects, recorded book reports and video captures of work done in whiteboard apps that allow saving to the device's photo album (ex. DoodleCast Pro and Sago Mini Doodlecast)
  3. Students and teachers can share their field trip photos for slide shows, how-to demonstrations and much more. 
What ideas can you come up with?  Please share in the comment section.

If you are looking for a similar app for your Android device, check out Image Transfer App available on Google Play.

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