Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We know that SAFARI Montage brings digital video to the classroom to enhance the student learning experience.  We also know we can search by standards, keywords, grade range, file type, and other criteria.  Now SAFARI Montage can not only facilitate visual instruction in the classroom, but it can connect the student to district content at home.  How?  Come to one of the trainings that the Instructional Technologists are doing on all campuses this month.
                                Spooky SpecTECHular Safari is just plain spooky!!! 

Highlights of the training:
  • My Locker:  a place to store digital resources you uploaded
  • Creation Station:  allows for the uploading of digital resources that can be stored in your locker. Websites to PowerPoints to Flipcharts to Word documents can be uploaded.  You can add, share, and manage teacher/student created video content. 
  • Some file formats that can be uploaded are:   
                Video-MOV, MP4, FLV, MPG
                Image-JPG, BMP, GIF
                Documents-TXT, PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS  
  • Home Access:  students can log into SAFARI from home to view a playlist you have created
  • Add your own digital resources to Playlist:  upload documents then use them in a content specific playlist with the videos inside of SAFARI
  • Bookmark a Video:  determine the start and stop points of all videos by the click of a button
  • Share:  share your playlists with teachers in your school or in the district
Check out this playlist.  Click on the link, sign in to SAFARI, and follow the list of activities.

The video 'Ghost in Your Genes', questions the longtime belief that all inherited traits are passed on through genes.  A weblink follows with a simulation tool to test the effects of selection, mutation and chance on the evolution of a trait.  The PowerPoint on Changes in DNA with a worksheet on Identifying Mutations (with answer key) completes the science portion.  Challenge your math students with Halloween Candy Calories and Pizza Math.  Mary Shelley's Frankenstein has a cross-curricular weblink discussing the author, the scientists of her time, and includes lesson plans for middle and high school.

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