Wednesday, October 16, 2013

5 Things Tech Tools Can Do That You Didn't Know

1. Travel Smarter with Google Maps
  • Planning a trip using Google Maps provides users with the following features:
    • Create a new map.
    • Save places to stay on the new map.
    • Save travel plans and transit on the new map. This will show traffic and local public transit along with the cost.
    • Enable the weather feature on the new map.
    • Explore the area of the new map by enabling the webcams of the street view.
    • Plan the itinerary by exploring food and activities on the new map.
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2. Smart Ways to Use Cloud Storage
  • Just a few unique ways to use cloud storage
    • Share large photo albums with friends and family via cloud link
    • Family history vault
    • Store owner manuals
    • Create video quizzes on Google Drive
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3. How to Get Wifi Free
  • Ways to get free wifi
    • Get free wifi from your cable company - Cox and Time Warner Cable - click here
    • Tether your phone from your computer - iOS device; Android device
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4. Things I Didn't Know My Smart Phone Could Do
5. Dictate Emoticons to Your Phone
  • Emoticons are so fun but did you know you could add emoticons through voice activation?
    • iOS Device - turn on Siri and say "winky", "smiley", or "frowny" to get the emoticons.
    • Android Device - say "smiley face" or "frowny face" to get the emoticons.
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  1. I love these cool tools! Thanks for sharing! I am most excited about the Siri emoticons. #winky #smiley